The Young African Leaders Forum (YALF) marked the 2016 Africa Youth Day celebration by hosting events in different locations and countries within the continent.

YALF trained over 200 young girls at Stella Marris Secondary School, Blantyre – Malawi, on the importance of women’s education and participation in the society. Many young people were sensitized in Nigeria and Liberia, and old people were visited at the Batanai Old People’s Home in Zimbabwe.

YALF is committed to moving Africa to effectuating sustainable development in every African nation by empowering young people to participate actively in the society so that they can improve their own lives by representing and solving their needs whilst also advocating for those of others.


At the Stella Marris Secondary School hall, female students and early-aged women were trained by the National Coordinators for YALF in Malawi, Ms. Walusungu Ngulube and Ms. Wituly Mwenitete. The training introduces our vision for the girl child and our women empowerment scheme necessary for the realization of the Agenda 2063 plan.


To entrench youth legacies and learn from experience, YALF team in Zimbabwe, led by our Vice President II, Pafungeyi Gore, visited many aged people at the Batanai Old People’s Home.

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