Because our vision is a large one which encompasses the entire African continent, the Young African Leaders Forum (YALF) works with influential African-born individuals who act as our Consultants to portray and defend the African development initiative from greater perspectives. Our Consultants are well-established professionals and renowned scholars originating from different nations within the continent.

Meet our powerful consultants:

IMG_20151012_142139(1)Justina Mutale was named African Woman Of the Year in 2012. She is featured amongst the top 365 of Africa’s most respected names and influential voices that inspire the future, motivate young generation, and raise the profile to positively alter the perception of Africa.



Edgard Guidibi was a former Adviser to the President of Benin Republic who earned a solid reputation after dealing with political issues with a rare skill. Vibrant and outspoken, he is one of the most awe-inspiring youths’ advocate and social reformer in the West African region.



fsango(1)Ferdinand Sango is an established Medical Practitioner (Surgeon) with international repute who served/serves the African development initiative in some African countries, particularly Tanzania and Burundi. His works save and improve peoples’ lives in East Africa.

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