Who We Are

The Young African Leaders Forum (YALF) is a pan-African youth organisation committed to empowering Africa’s young people and preparing a new generation of radical leaders for the continent.

Through trainings, workshops, development researches, seminars, summits, business symposiums, finance projects and Rodney-like groundings, our organisation equips Africa’s young people (aged 13 - 39) with practical knowledge, skills and opportunities needed for them to actively participate in the society and effectively represent or solve their needs whilst also advocating for the needs of others around them.

At the grass-roots level, our growing network of youths and early-aged women are collaborating to drive the implementation of both the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the AU Agenda2063 project plan through partnered initiatives, effective monitoring and advocacy campaigns. Our goal is to effectuate sustainable development in all African communities.

By March 2021, over 120, 842 young people have directly participated and benefited from our programs, activities and events. Our organisation hosts thousands of youth members across 28 African nations - with diaspora extensions in USA, China, Canada and the UAE. National Coordinators lead national units. We are also the official publisher of Africa’s first and most popular youth journal, Young African Leaders Journal of Development (YALJOD).

  • Proffering workable solutions to Africa’s developmental problems and strategically executing them.
  • Organising trainings for sensitizing African youths within the ages of 14-25 on self-development awareness, leadership role, business management, health education (HIV/AIDS awareness), culture and modernization.
  • Organising and carrying out researches for the publication of a Journal of Development biennially; for the civic education of the African people.
  • Working in collaboration with other organisations and government institutions that mainly deals with community and national development within Africa.


To effectuate sustainable development in African nations by empowering its young people and preparing the next generation of responsible leaders for the continent.


To become a world-class youth organization and an implementer of lasting solutions to Africa’s underdevelopment challenges.