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Pan African Summits

Project Description

Every year, our Pan African Summits hold as special conferences for high-performing youth leaders in the continent. The event seeks to build and utilize potentials of young people to foster ASPIRE in the African continent. ASPIRE connotes Africapitalism, Sustainability, Pan-Africanism, Integration, Reinvention and Excellence. It is scheduled to hold in different African regions with a general focus being how the sectors of Education, Technology, Health and Entrepreneurship can be leveraged upon to ensure that ASPIRE is achieved throughout the continent.

The conferences propel young people to participate actively and be the change that they want to see in their societies. It also impels them to support positive progressions and assume responsibilities for themselves and others through its provided platform for hobnobbing, learning, mentorship, and B2B networking. Youth participants, industry experts and thought leaders from different backgrounds within Southern Africa will attend the summit.

Our Pan African Summits will find solutions for today’s problems – and for excellence, it is structured not only around training sessions, but on caucus, forums, round tables and panel discussions to unite attendees in finding solutions to Africa’s economic development. From this event, we usually establish concrete deliverables in the form of new ideas for young entrepreneurs, policy makers and stakeholders all over Africa.

PROJECT COST: $100,000



  • Africapitalism

The economic prosperity of Africa is an imperative but it is long overdue. Entrepreneurship is essential towards realising self-reliance and prosperity. Because western capitalism has not always aligned with the needs of Africans, it has not been able to transform the continent. This is why our summit will host discourses and spur a movement that will ultimately change the practice of capitalism in the continent. Our vision is to galvanize a generation of private sector (youth) entrepreneurs who have the vision, skills, tools and opportunity to shape the destiny of the continent. This will usher in a new economic regime that will truly reflect the development needs of Africa. We seek to harness private sector investment to create social wealth and address structural inequalities in Africa’s economy.

  • Sustainability

The Sustainable Development Goals can be achieved by the youths with their innovative ideas, skills and energy. The importance of actively involving the youths in the realisation of sustainable development in the continent is widely recognized. Youths can help to advance good health, eradicate poverty, increase the level of education, promote gender equality, reduce inequality, push for peaceful coexistence, create decent jobs and propel economic growth. They will add more efforts, provide organizational support and engage others in development. Africa’s sustainability is not solely dependent on the SDGs – but also on the Agenda 2063 goals of the African Union. Our summits across Africa will revisit these sustainability goals and much more.

  • Pan Africanism

Pan Africanism is essentially the centre of unity amongst all African people – and an ingredient of greatness. An African hero, Nelson Mandela, once said “Every now and then, a generation is called to be great.” To accomplish this greatness, collaboration founded on the spirit of Pan Africanism is a prerequisite. All our summits will encourage and strengthen the bonds of solidarity between all indigenous and diasporic ethnic groups of African descent. We seek to create and reinforce a sense of oneness and collaboration amongst all people of African origin whether they lived inside or outside the continent. African states basically need to have each other’s backs in terms of social, economic and political progress. This is even more necessary in the face of recent xenophobic attacks.

  • Integration

Our summit is specifically designed for the youths as a way of integrating them into the socioeconomic and political development process of Africa. The agenda is to help pave the way for the successful integration of young people into many African leaderships and decision-making processes. For us, meaningful participation involves recognizing and nurturing the potentials, interests and abilities of young people through the provision of opportunities; this is what we look to achieve in communities. This summit will empower and actively engage young people throughout their own communities.

  • Reinvention

Our capacity-development summit will repackage youths to repackage the African continent. Many African nations and youths have their future plans overly influenced by others – external forces and pressures which can detach us from our core values as Africans. It is necessary for us to go through the processes of introspection and self-discovery. Our motive is to help youths realise who they really are – and what they need to overcome on behalf of Africa. We will force ourselves as young people to envision the future we all want as Africans – and to build concordance with the sustainable development of all nations in the continent. Reinvention is key to achieving the Africa We Want.

  • Excellence

Our summits across African nations is a movement to build excellence in the lives of young people in the continent through the 8 keys of excellence. We are seeking to build youths, who are determined to excel – and to achieve it. Our strategy is to integrate excellence in our smallest actions and to propel young people across African nations to exude excellence in character and competence.

Overview of Activities

Our Pan African Summits are not only structured around training sessions, but on caucus, forums, round tables (breakouts) and panel discussions to unite attendees in finding solutions to Africa’s socio-economic development.

  • Training Sessions will provide the opportunity for youth to learn directly from experts; asking pertinent questions and noting important points. 
  • Roundtable/Breakout Sessions will see youth participants come together to discuss selected issues affecting the region – and come up with solutions they would like to see implemented to address these issues.
  • Forums will present an opportunity for few youth and groups to present their development work to an interdisciplinary audience.
  • Panel Discussions would involve a group of people gathered to discuss a particular subject in front of the audience.