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The Young African Leaders Forum (YALF) hereby invites all West African Youths to the West African Youth Summit, which will be held on Friday, October 22, 2021 at the reputable American Corner, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. This promises to be one of the most strategic youth gatherings in West Africa; and we counted it our honour to have you benefit as a participant.

Our West African Youth Summit seeks to build and utilize the potentials of young people to foster economic growth in the West African region, especially Nigeria. With the spate of youth unemployment and underdevelopment, the event’s main focus is how the sectors of Education, Technology and Entrepreneurship can be leveraged upon to ensure that inclusive development is achieved in Nigeria and West Africa. The conference, with its theme as LEADING IN TURBULENT TIMES, will propel young people to participate actively and be the change that they want to see in their societies. It will also impel them to support positive progressions and assume responsibilities for themselves and others through its provided platform for hobnobbing, learning, mentorship, and B2B networking.

This event will seek solutions for today’s problems – and for excellence, it is structured not only around training sessions, but on caucus (breakout sessions) and panel discussions to unite attendees in finding solutions to Nigeria’s economic development. From this event, we would like to establish concrete deliverables in the form of new ideas.

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