Report from the 2016 YALF Annual Summit

In partnership with the African Union Youth Development Division, the Young African Leaders Forum (YALF) hosted its 2016 Annual Summit from 19 – 21 of October at the African Union Headquarters, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The 3-day event provided the platform for the training of African young people, a city-wide fight against tuberculosis, and the launching of Africa’s first youth-led journal of development, Young African Leaders Journal of Development (YALJOD).
The core objectives of this summit was:
– To create awareness about the symptoms of tuberculosis, and educate Africans about how to detect and prevent this disease.
– To launch the latest edition of our African development journal, Young African Leaders
Journal of Development (YALJOD). YALJOD hosts scholarly analysis and competing viewpoints about the development of Africa to provoke thoughts and challenge innovative minds as a tool to eradicate ignorance.
– To donate our journal to the AU Libraries and also to different government and public
university libraries within and outside the continent – through participating youth leaders and organizations.
– To learn from renowned and qualified experts on the ideas of sustainable development for the advancement of the Africa continent.
– To build and strengthen a strong relationship with all the departments of the African Union Commission and other related organizations.
– To establish a united African Youth for the development of Africa through comradeship and cooperation shared from the Summit.
– To build and strengthen a strong rapport with the AU Committee of Ten Heads of State on the UN Reforms; such that will help reduce the issues of war and terrorism in the continent.
The full report of the 2016 YALF Annual Summit can be downloaded from the link below.

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