The Young African Leaders Forum (YALF) wishes to express its heartfelt condolences to entire continent of Africa on the lost of a 21st century representation of Mama Africa and an absolute revolutionary icon. Mama Feliciana Mshanaga had carried in her womb one of the most eminent young Pan Africanists and Human Resource Manager of YALF, Mr Florian Mshanga.

The YALF community today is heart drained on the occasion of the demise of a mother who committed herself to the struggle for African liberation both in cash and kind. Mama Feliciana is only out of sight but never out of mind because she lived a life of legacy. Her current state, in African culture, is simply a routine transition of life which made her even more powerful as a spirit. Africa has indeed been starved of the mother’s milk of love in its purest tones to the cold hands of death.

We all are saddened, but the immediate family is the most affected in this circumstance. YALF therefore condoles with them in these difficult moments of life. We are with you and encourage you to reflect on the legacies of Mama Feliciana as a life manual in building a better Africa, for hers was a life well lived capable of emulation.

We the new YALF ambassadors dotted across the continent have really missed out in tapping from the rich wealth of virtues from the virtuous woman as we never had the opportunity of meeting her. We therefore, in solidarity, wish to have a memorial lecture in honor of the late Mama Feliciana Mshanga, the lioness of Africa, whose strength is ever resident in everyone of the Young African Leaders she mentored during her lifetime.

Continue to rest in power, our dearly beloved mother, Mama Feliciana Mshanga.

Released by:
Gomina Bonkpan Dawud
YALF Ambassador, Kumasi Ghana.

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