The Young African Leaders Journal of Development (YALJOD) is a biennial journal and an official publication of the Young African Leaders Forum (YALF). It was established in 2015 to host scholarly analysis and competing viewpoints about the development of Africa; and it's multidisciplinary approach makes it more formidable.

YALJOD accepts papers from varied disciplinary areas -- including Social Sciences, Physical Sciences and Humanities -- that show direct relevance to the development of Africa. It publishes researches understood as the social, economic, political, cultural and technological processes of change in Africa.

The intended audience of the journal remains the entire African people. Howbeit, for effectiveness, special emphasis is given to African leadership operators, development academics, researchers and youths -- who appear to be the next African leaders.

YALJOD is exceptional and  stands out because of our implementation policy. We do not merely explain tangible solutions to African problems in our journal; we act to execute these solutions such that our research findings may be beneficial to African people. In this sense, ideal solutions to Africa's development challenges are not only theoritical; they are practically implemented to have the right impact on Africans.

We often invite articles from across Africa, but priority is given to papers which are African development-oriented.


The Young African Leaders Forum (YALF) boasts of an excellent editorial team which is guided by our consultants who are renowned scholars (Professors, Doctors) in different fields. Our editors include the following persons:

He is a professional editor who has written, edited and supervised several articles, school text books, story books and online magazines. Having served as a Senior Contributor for a London-based Sports Media, his hands-on approach is pivotal for the publication of YALJOD.

He is an established Content Writer and Editor in a major Nigerian establishment. He is the CEO of acegoals.com - a top career and news website in Nigeria,  and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Communication.

He is a scrupulous teacher/trainer possessing the ability to manage fresh content for articles, blogs. He enjoys editing, producing and proofreading high quality materials.


Sensewell Chingwaramusee holds a Bachelor of Art Honours degree in Theology and Religious Studies. He is a talented writer with great potential to become a world-class Editor.

She is a gifted writer and experienced proofreader who has conducted several development researches and produced articles. She hold a BA Honours degree in Economics.

To inquire more about YALJOD, please send an email to yaljod@yalf.africa